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Marketing has always been about building awareness of your business to your target audience. We live in a time where so much time is spent on the internet. More and more often you’ll find your target audience online. As the internet has grown, so has your reachable audience. By making the most of the online world, you can reach clients all over the globe.

Digital Marketing is a broad term which describes all online marketing efforts. As a business you can use your own website, Search Engines such as Google, and Social Media platforms to connect with current and potential new customers.

Mahon Digital is a full-service digital marketing agency focussing on search marketing including:

We also offer digital and SEO strategy advice and consultation, content marketing and PR options.

In the Digital Marketing field, your webpage has become the equivalent of your shop window. It is crucial to have an attractive, easy to navigate, quick loading website. Here at Mahon Digital we can also offer web design and development. Make sure the users driven to your page through your marketing efforts want to stay there!

Who We Are

Mahon Digital is an international, award winning digital agency. We are based just outside of London, in Ware, Hertfordshire. Saija Mahon founded the company in 2010. She wanted to give growing and large businesses affordable access to paid search by real experts in the field.

After more than 10 years working for some of the biggest digital agencies in London, Saija decided that it was time to launch her own business focussing on what she loves most, digital and more specifically paid search marketing.

Since then the business has grown significantly in the UK with dozens of clients now relying on its digital services, from promising startups to large multinational companies. And thanks to Saija’s Finnish roots, Mahon Digital also expanded geographically with Mahon Digital Finland launching in November 2012 and now also has a presence in the growing South East Asian market. Most recently a third office has opened in Estonia.

And this is just the beginning!

Our great agency is made of great people! While we spend our working time surrounded by data and technology, human interaction is still highly important when working for our clients. Meet the people behind our business: the Mahon Digital team!

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