Blogger Outreach

What Is Blogger Outreach?

Social media has so many users nowadays. ‘Old’ tactics such as broadcasting the same message to your entire audience have become much less effective. It used to be the case that simply gaining a high volume of traffic or followers would be a good social strategy to use. More recently, social marketing needs to focus heavily on building relationships.

In content marketing these days, either you rock or you suck. This new era isn’t about story telling. It’s about telling a true story well. Ann Hanley

Social Media marketing has also replaced many link-building campaigns. Social activity can help naturally generate links to your site. It has therefore grown to become a more natural way of building up links to your business.

The idea of a blogger outreach campaign is that companies wishing to promote their business should approach a blogger with a substantial following. The company can then offer free services or products to the blog writer, in exchange for a written review or article about the product.

Why does this type of influencer marketing make sense?

There are very few bloggers who are likely to give a very bad review for your product or service, when it has been received for free. A good review or written report can then build up a good reputation and create new links for your company.

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