Google Adwords is now Google Ads

A Client’s Guide to Digital Marketing Part 2: What is Google Adwords? (Recently re-named to Google Ads)

What is Google Ads? Google Ads is Google’s online advertising platform, which used to be known as Google Adwords. The rebranding took place on July 24th this year. Google...
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Search engines determine rankings based on a range of factors

A Client’s Guide to Digital Marketing Part 1: What does SEO involve?

Here at Mahon Digital, we work with a range of clients, with various backgrounds. We see different levels of knowledge in terms of understanding Marketing. Some clients approach us...
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Starting an online business

The Mahon Digital Guide to going Digital: How to take your Business Online!

  The digital world may seem a bit daunting for a small business, looking to build up their presence online. Since the launch of the World Wide Web in...
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google G logo

Search Engine Results Pages are Changing! Adapt Your SEO Strategy to Keep Up!

Changes to Search Results Pages Google has been about now for nearly 20 years. Over that time, there has been a general, increasing trend in the number of searches...
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Choosing the perfect domain name – Carefully!

Are you producing a new website for your business? It is always an exciting experience UNTIL you have to deal with the stressful stuff too. Nothing is ever as...
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