What was it like being an intern at Mahon Digital? – Petra

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My name is Petra and I have been an intern at Mahon Digital’s Finnish team (with some tasks helping out the UK team as well) for a couple of months. The time has gone by very fast but I have been able to get to know the people working here and definitely learned a lot!

What kinds of tasks have I done during my internship?

I have helped with Mahon Digital’s social media marketing and advertising by creating posts, and ads, writing on the blog and sending the (Finnish) monthly newsletter. During this time I got knowledgeable with digital marketing tools such as Hootsuite and Mailchimp. 

I also did social media planning for a couple of clients, which included planning, creating and scheduling or posting on social media including for Google Business Profile, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram. 

What did I like most about the internship?

I enjoyed having fun with new ideas for posts or ads and being able to be creative. I also appreciated that I could really take time to understand things so I would be able to do work that I’m proud of.

It is great to have coworkers who you can openly ask for help and get tips for doing something they’re already really good at. So I always got help when needed which really helped my learning process. While I have learned a lot, there is still much to master, which I’m looking forward to!

I also like that I can work from home or at the office in Turku. At the office, I can see some coworkers and have someone to chat with during lunch, and at home, I am able to start really early and don’t have to worry about the weather because there’s no commute. It’s really nice to have both options.

Last thoughts

Even though I have had similar experiences with this type of work, this internship really broadened my view and understanding of digital marketing. I got to see how things are done “behind the scenes”. I had a lot of fun and I’m actually continuing to work here as an employee, so let the fun continue and my professional journey begin!

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