Project Management & Strategy

We fully understand the value of bringing qualified traffic to your website. But we also know that this traffic needs to convert to generate revenue and help you achieve your objectives. With this view in mind we can assist you with full digital project management. This is to ensure that your website and digital marketing strategy are not only delivering traffic from a full range of channels, but also bring conversions and revenue. Having set up marketing campaigns, for example through Google AdWords, we’ll consistently look to make improvements.

As part of our ongoing service at Mahon Digital, we’ll continually optimise in order to achieve the best conversion rates, but also keep your costs down. We’ll keep you informed with exactly what we’re working on, and consult you prior to making any key decisions.

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Digital Project Management & Strategy

  • Digital marketing strategy – Combine SEO, biddable media, social and content activities into an integrated digital strategy in line with your business objectives.
  • New website – If you’re launching a brand new website, we can assist you with planning, strategy and delivery.
  • Website improvements – Because we want you to get the best ROI from your digital spend, we can help you improve your existing website to increase conversions, drive engagement or enhance the overall user experience.
  • Website migration – Relaunching a website is very often not only about design, and we’re here to guide you along the way to ensure that best practice is followed from an SEO, usability and conversion optimisation standpoint.

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