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Pay per click (PPC) or Paid Search advertising is a form of online marketing. You may have noticed that when searching on Google, some of the top results have an ‘Ad’ logo next to them. The advertiser pays only when a web user clicks on their advertisement. Users search for specific products, services or information, and the PPC advertiser can display a relevant Ad when a targeted search occurs.

PPC campaigners select a maximum bid that they’re willing to pay platforms such as Google, each time a user clicks. In this way the advertiser competes with other companies to get the search page to show their Ad, depending on both bid amount and Ad relevance.

Why Choose Paid Search Advertising?

PPC can help you achieve different marketing goals, including: increased sales, lead generation, and building brand-awareness.

Paid advertising & biddable media servicesThe biddable media field has really evolved in the past few years. In addition to Google and Bing, social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram now offer their own advertising programmes. Specific users can be targeted too, based on their location and personal attributes. Audience remarketing has also grown exponentially across all platforms, giving businesses even more opportunities to advertise effectively.

Paid search is an effective, instant and highly cost-efficient way of getting your brand in front of your target audience. It is the most measurable advertising channel, and such can be constantly analysed so improvements can be made. Paid advertising can deliver excellent ROI and efficiency for your marketing budget.

Our search experts are fully trained on all advertising platforms and can advise you on the best channels to use for your business.

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Benefits Of Paid Search Marketing

  • Attract the right audience to your website
  • Build brand awareness
  • Increase sales for your business
  • Optimise spend based on your ROI

Why Choose Mahon Digital For Paid Search?

  • Dedicated advertising account manager
  • Excellent ROI – you don’t pay for any extras, only work booked!
  • 15 years’ experience for growing businesses and multinationals
  • Full Google Adwords and Bing partners

How Does Paid Search Work?

The basic principles of PPC are quite simple. However, managing accounts on a daily basis requires in depth knowledge, careful planning and constant monitoring.

We place bids on specific keywords for which we want the search results to display your ads. The Search Engine collects a fee each time a searcher clicks an Ad. The Google Adwords programme works using this model but includes hundreds of variables on top of the basic bid. This makes management and ongoing optimisation complex.

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