Reflections on A Business Journey and How To Boost Sales in December

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Where did you become profitable and build value?

If you haven’t reached the revenue targets you wanted to achieve this year, where else have you improved or become wealthy?  Your bottom line may keep your accountant happy but it’s not all  cash-flow and book balancing (well, you need enough to keep afloat of course), but the point is that when successfully positioning yourself to dominate your chosen niche or industry, overall end of year profit can be sporadic and fleeting.

As earnings gets pumped back into the business to build your brand, network and relationships, it is not the only metric to measure your success by. Providing value and gaining a reputation for exceptional service first, coin counting second. It can take years to become profitable enough to draw a wage worthy of a CEO salary unless you happen to strike gold like ‘John McAfee’ of anti-virus software fame and become a millionaire within a year.

But it’s not all about the money, not at first and maybe never, not if you can jump out of bed in the morning with a spring in your step and a purposeful vision to make the world a better place. Maybe it’s about building a foundation or maybe it is all about the pound notes, one thing is for certain though and that is if you provide enough value to enough people, you will be rewarded in kind.

Tis’ the Season to Be Online

Is it too late to add to your companies ‘present’ takings this year? Well the answer lies at the bottom of the Christmas Tree.  If you have a website that informs your customers of the services you provide or you sell your products online, you can expect to earn more, perhaps a lot more.  With online spending hitting upwards of £50 billion in 2011 and predicted to soar past this in 2012 to £77 billion and a large percentage of that spending happening in December, it is safe to say that you can earn more money at the end of year than the previous 11 months combined, if you have an offer or product that suits the season.

If you don’t have a product or service that works so well in these winter months it is not all doom & gloom and by no means an invitation to suddenly pull your allocated budget for your online marketing presence at this time and may do you even more harm than good.  Now that online shopping has begun to mature, there are thousands upon thousands of people who will be going online to research, review and decide on what to buy this Christmas and you can get yourself viewed by lots of these eager eyes.  Don’t steal Christmas from yourself like the ‘The Grinch’ embrace the possibility and the festive cheer.

A Taste Of Christmas

Did you know you can place your adverts on thousands of websites that in turn have tens of thousands of readers?  Did you know that you can gain access to each and every single person who goes online throughout the whole world as long as they are not restricted by what their government lets them see and if the search engine they use has an advert placement facility?

You could have your advert in front of thousands of hungry Xmas buyers this December and you could get started at this very moment and be up and running within hours!  Does that sound interesting to you? Is it as tempting as a bit of Bread Sauce and Stuffing or Mince Pies and Christmas Pudding at the Dinner table? Or a few chocolates from the tree? Get in touch today and we will get you seen, that is our guarantee to you.

We would like to end the year with a big THANK YOU to all our friends, followers, clients and colleagues. We have had a fun and exciting year and we look forward to many more positive relationships and friendships for 2013.  Merry Christmas from all of us here at Mahon Digital.

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