The Era of the Mobile

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The world is ready. We are proud again, but this time carrying our uber cool smartphones – iPhones and Androids, where-ever we go.

If you don’t have one – well, I don’t think we even need to go there!

Mobile Search – That’s the word on every search marketer’s lips nowadays.

What is it? How can we make the most of it? What does this mean to our clients and advertisers? Are we too late already?

Mobile search has exploded in the past year or so and the arena is just growing and growing.

Everyone has a smartphone – everyone wants to be connected at all times.

There is no such time as ‘lunch break’ and ‘evening time’ at the PC anymore. We are ‘always on’.

Apparently according to a research – we even check our smartphones before we get out of bed in the mornings! This is serious business.

In order to get the most out of your mobile search campaigns – it would be imperative to have mobile friendly landing pages.

It’s extremely frustrating to try and navigate to a site from your mobile, that you can’t even get around due to too small text, too small buttons and having to scroll constantly from side to side just to read an article.

Create mobile landing pages with big buttons, landing page that fits onto a smartphones screens nicely and that has functions for easy transactions / purchases.

Now that you have your mobile friendly site ready – remember to create a specific campaign for it in the search engines. On Google adwords you can nowadays choose to target only mobile devices and you can even drill down to a specific operator level.

Choose your keywords carefully – think (or even better, research!) the way mobile phone users are going to search.

They are unlikely to type up long keyword strings – therefore it’s best to start with one or two word keyword phrases. Ensure they are highly targeted in order to avoid too generic themes.

How about text ads then? Perhaps it might be an idea to tailor them specifically for mobile users i.e. If you’ve just launched your mobile friendly site – you could say ‘new mobile site’, ‘easy access from your mobile’ and so on.

If you haven’t thought of the above at all – it’s time to start.

The mobile search market is growing at an incredibly fast rate in the UK – and in order to stay ahead of the competition, you need to have your mobile strategy in place.

Consumers are becoming savvier than ever, and they are hungry for their needs to be met. Just a while ago it was all about brand loyalty and sticking with the one you knew – however consumer behaviour is changing.

Everyone wants convenience – we want to save time.

It’s all about efficiency and ‘first come, first served’.

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