On-Site and Off-Site SEO Strategies

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This is only the beginning of an ongoing strategy to be vigilant with how you construct and provide; not only your customers with a valuable and unique user experience but the search engines too.

Other things to consider are the keywords you are targeting.  Have you ensured you have researched and exhausted all keyword possibilities?  That you are using the correct keywords? Is your site easy to crawl and accessible to bots?  Is the design of your site user friendly? How is your site speed? Are your websites templates and URLs set up correctly?  Is your site architecture set up effectively?

Off-Site SEO

SEO link buildingWe have to consider the fact that search engine bots are getting more and more sophisticated and can tell if a websites backlink profile looks legitimately natural or is basically manipulated and manufactured.

Forum comments, Blog comments, Forum Profiles, Article Marketing, Web 2.0, Blog Networks etc. have come under the watchful eye of Google over recent years and the heat is only increasing.

It is best, at least for now, to continue with basic strategies like; slow and natural directory submissions and legitimate Social Media strategies, and see SEO as more of a marathon, not a sprint.

Anchor text diversity is becoming increasingly important and you may even want to decrease the specific keyword you are targeting to as little as 30% of your backlink anchors and mix the remaining 70% with variations such as ‘Click Here’, ‘see this article’, ‘Visit this Site’ and ‘read this’ etc. also ensuring that you include naked links (just the plain website url like this: https://www.mahondigital.co.uk) and also use your companies brand name as anchor text too.  Brand signals are increasingly important.

What Next?

The Internet is effectively still in its infancy in terms of the years it’s been around as an industry, it will continue to change as technology evolves and innovates and in the next few years the world wide web will shift and transform considerably.

At Mahon Digital we keep our finger on the pulse, we live and breathe digital marketing and while SEO remains to be just as important as it ever has been, we will work tirelessly to assist you in delivering your message and/or products & services to the world, effectively and efficiently.

Please do not hesitate to contact one of our team.

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