New call management and tracking solutions

With increasing competition and an expanding range of marketing channels to choose from, it is critical for you to invest your budgets in the right channels to get conversions and the best return on investment (ROI).

This is why we've just partnered with Mediahawk to offer you industry leading call tracking and marketing analytics solutions.


Classic is a single, unique, static number that can be used for display ads or offline marketing campaigns. Monitor telephone response from offline advertising channels, identify which sources lead to higher conversion rates and improve your marketing ROI.



Vision gives you a pool of dynamic numbers for your website so each user is shown a unique number. Replace the phone number on your website with one of ours and track the journey and every call from each visitor to find out which online marketing activity drives leads.


The complete call analytics solution. With both Vision and Classic numbers, you can accurately attribute calls and revenue and calculate ROI for all your online and offline advertising, including website, press, direct mail, outdoor, TV and radio at campaign, channel and media levels.

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Why should you track calls?

  • Business profitability
    Understand which of your investments are yielding results and which are not. You can see where business is coming from (sources), categorise the calls you receive and score them as well. This enables you to make informed decisions based on performance of your sales and marketing activity.
  • Customer experience and engagement
    Better call handling means being able to answer client requirements faster and securing more sales. Call tracking is an excellent way to personalise the customer engagement because each call is personal, and answers a customer’s important questions immediately and efficiently.
  • Resources management & performance
    Manage enquiries more effectively and measure the performance of your staff and calls to improve it. Find out when people are calling you, and allocate resources more effectively to save costs.
  • Increasing the quality and value of sales
    Upselling and closing a sale is much easier on the phone than by email. Also, if a prospect makes calls to you and your competitors and you are the quickest to answer, you gain an important advantage in becoming top of the list for the opportunity.

These features in addition to our expertise will enable you to maximise marketing performance and ensure your budgets give you the best ROI

More than just call tracking

Although call tracking and analytics are at the heart of the Mediahawk platform, what you get is comprehensive phone management abilities to enhance your existing phone system, giving you more operational flexibility and full control over call management.

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