The rise of remarketing and behavioural targeting

Saija Mahon will be speaking at the next BrightonSEO conference on the 22nd of April 2016 and will be featured as a guest blogger on the Rough Agenda prior to the event.

Here’s her first post on the rise of remarketing

‘That banner following me around is just so highly annoying!’ I hear a person say at one of our marketing events, which we organised in partnership with Google UK about a month ago.

Indeed – why is that banner following him around so persistently?

What has he done in order to deserve this terrible UX (user experience) within the search giant Google’s network? Isn’t it all about positive and relevant user experience nowadays? Isn’t that exactly what Google preaches about to its advertisers? Isn’t this why Google update its famous algorithm on a regular basis (and keep us marketers on the edge of our seats all year round!).

It is.

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